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Why choose 15 min treatments for a Large Pamper Party

 Bridal Showers & Hen Parties Brisbane

  • If your having a large amount of guests
  • It’s not too expensive.
  • We have a wide selection of 15 min Pamper treatments
  • If your not receiving a reply back from your guests, just offer a choice of two 15 mins treatments to choose on the day

We have large selection of 15 min treatments


  • Massage Scalp, Neck & Shoulders, Shoulders & Back, Arms & Hands or Legs & Feet
  • Hand ScrubMobile Beauty Facials Brisbane Cinnamon scrub, steamed hot towels & Cinnamon cream
  • Foot Scrub Citrus Lime scrub, steamed hot towels & Lime cream
  • Foot Peel Avocado peel, dry skin removal, steamed hot towels & Lime Lemon lotion
  • Facial Scrub Treatment Cleanse, Strawberry Scrub, warm steamed towels, Scalp massage & moisturiser
  • Eye Treatment Cleanse, Chamomile Eye mask, Scalp massage, moisture & Eye serum
  • Manicure or Pedicure Nail shaping & Coloured polish



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