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Acupressure for Headache

Aromatherapy Massage Home Remedies

Banish Headaches with a Aromatherapy Massage  - don't take a pain killer try these Aromtherapy Massage home techniques, apply these oils - Lavender or Chamomile or both, Massage for a few minutes - on your acupressure point 

Mobile Beauty & Back Exfoliation

Back Exfoliation Treatment or Bacial

A Bacial is very similar to a Facial so if you want a nice smooth back ready for Summer this is the beauty treatment for you. We deep Cleanse, exfoliating Citrus Lime Scrub, Steam towels, Mango & Coconut purifying...

Mobile Gel Polish

Gel Polish Removal the correct way

Gel Polish Removal - We list all the items you need, then a step by step instructions on the correct way to remove your Gel Polish. Afterwards if if your nails are weak or brittle, we recommend to have...

Vanilla Mobile Massage

   Mobile Massage with Vanilla   The benefits of our Velvety Vanilla Mobile Massage Aromatic: Smells heavenly being extracted from the Vanilla Bean Calming: Soothing & relaxing effect of Vanilla calms nerves, stress & worry Tranquilising: Helps you get a good nights...

Mobile Beauty Services Relax & Rebalance

3 Reasons to Pamper yourself

Ladies’ Tips: 3 Reasons Why It Is Important to Pamper Yourself When you love yourself, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do. All great things come from love, so to keep your life blooming, you have to make choices that...

luscious strawberry massage pampring

Strawberry Massage Pamper Package

Our Strawberry Massage Pampering Package     Whats great about our Strawberry Massage oil  Contains Anti-oxidents properties – ideal for all skin types  Anti-aging – it has a great anti-oxidant for wrinkles & lines Rough dry skin – relieves rough...

Facial treatments helps Milia

Bannish those small bumps on your face

Millia banish those bumps on your face    What causes Milia how to avoid them They aren’t always big or even noticeable. So if you want banish those annoying bumps, here are a few tips They are like white...