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Best Indian Head Massage in Brisbane

Best Indian Head Massage Brisbane

Why you'll love the best Indian Head Massage Brisbane. Did you know the most blissfully & de-stressing massage is a scalp Massage. Its reduces Headaches & Migraines, Stress, Depression & Insomnia. We focus on your upper back, shoulder, neck...

Acupressure for Headache

Aromatherapy Massage Home Remedies

Banish Headaches with a Aromatherapy Massage  - don't take a pain killer try these Aromtherapy Massage home techniques, apply these oils - Lavender or Chamomile or both, Massage for a few minutes - on your acupressure point 

Vanilla Mobile Massage

   Mobile Massage with Vanilla   The benefits of our Velvety Vanilla Mobile Massage Aromatic: Smells heavenly being extracted from the Vanilla Bean Calming: Soothing & relaxing effect of Vanilla calms nerves, stress & worry Tranquilising: Helps you get a good nights...

luscious strawberry massage pampring

Strawberry Massage Pamper Package

Our Strawberry Massage Pampering Package     Whats great about our Strawberry Massage oil  Contains Anti-oxidents properties – ideal for all skin types  Anti-aging – it has a great anti-oxidant for wrinkles & lines Rough dry skin – relieves rough...

Which type of Massage is right for you

  What types of Massages we offer Are your muscles very tight & joints very stiff – Try our Deep Tissue  Massage Are you physically tired with health issues – Try our Shiatsu Detox Massage Are you emotionally tired...

Mobile Massage Brisbane

Our popular Indian Head Massage Package

Why is our Indian Head Massage Package so popular - Its ideal if your feeling emotionally run down & overly stressed out. Its like someone pressing your ‘reset or refresh’ button. We use a calming & relaxing blend of...