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 Gel Polish Removal 

Gel Polish removal items 

  • Nail File
  • Vaseline or similar reduces dryness (in a hurry leave this)
  • One small bowl
  • One slightly larger bowl (in a hurry leave this)
  • Nail Polish remover (must be pure Acetone or full strength )
  • Cotton Wool
  • Foil for 10 nails in square shape
  • Cuticle Stick
  • We also do Gel removal 
  • Gel Polish Manicures

Removal of Gel Polish 

  • Fill a small bowl with Acetone & cover with foil
  • Place bowl in a slightly larger bowl filled with hot water(in a hurry miss
  • Heat for 3 to 5 mins  (in a hurry miss this step)
  • Next buff your nails with file to take off the shiny top coat
  • Apply Vaseline on the cuticle skin only (in a hurry miss this step)
  • Soak a cotton wool generously & apply to nail
  • Straight away apply the foil & wrap around your nail tightly
  • Repeat with next 9 nails
  • Wait 10 to 15 mins (15 mins if it’s a dark colour)
  • Our brand Gelish Harmony takes only 10 mins
  • Please note some brands take longer check with your therapist or the company
  • With each nail firmly & slowly pull off  the foils
  • Any residue left use a cuticle stick 

After Gel Removal

  • Have a week’s break if your nails are quite dry & weak
  • Apply cream to cuticle & hands every day for a week
  • Try our VitaGel Recovery Manicure treatment for brittle & peeling nails
  • This treatment is great for repairing nails from acrylic damage 
  • First filing, cuticles, buffing & Gelish Structure to strengthen your nails
  • Next Gelish Vitagel Recovery Base coat with Vitamins A,B5 &
  • Lastly Gelish gorgeous Coloured polish, Top coat & Almond cuticle oil treatment

Gel Removal with foils

Gel Removal

Remove with cuticle stick

Gel Removal

Reapply Gel Polish

Gel Manicure

Relax & Rebalance

Mobile Gel Polish Removal

Mobile Gel Polish Manicures

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