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Simple Home Massage with Massage Balls 

How to do a Home Massage using Massage Balls

  • Place ball directly on affected area
  • Either Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hands or Feet
  • You can be sitting or laying down
  • Use your body weight to apply pressure to your tight muscle
  • Roll backwards, forwards and sideways on ball
  • Use for up to 60 seconds at a time.
  • Stop use if you experience intense pain
  • Do not use if you have a recent injury, broken skin or badly bruised

What are the Benefits of Home Massage with Spikey Balls 

  • Targets those pressure points
  • Massages those deep trouble spots
  • Encourage your muscles to relax
  • By using pressure & specific movements
  • Ideal way to keep your muscles relaxed between regular Massages
  • If you have small hard knots try a hard small massage ball
  • Large areas of muscle tightness go for a hard large massage ball
  • Or for a softer massage try a medium massage ball

How to do simple Home Massage Exercises with Massage Balls

  • For Neck, Shoulders & Back place your Spikey Ball between your muscles & your wall
  • Roll side to side applying more pressure on tight areas
  • For Gluts & Legs place your Spikey Ball between the targeted areas & your floor or bed.
  • Roll side to side applying more pressure on tight areas
  • Great for hands & fingers joints just squeeze hard for a few minutes
  • Even feet just roll feet over the ball backwards & forwards
  • Or a stimulating scalp massage feels great
  • Use it in the car whilst driving
  • In the morning while still in bed
  • Or whilst watching TV & sitting on the lounge
Home Massage for your Feet
Home Massage with Massage Balls
Home Massage

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Home Massage with Massage Balls

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