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Thinking of DIY your own Pamper Party

Naturally the big advantage if you hire Pamper Party Professionals is they would do all the pampering for you, supply everything & set it all up for you
But if you are having a home Spa party you could have fun making your own products & do all your own pampering. Here are some great tips

  • If it’s a DIY Pamper party you could make your own Spa products like a Body Spa Day BrisbaneExfoliating scrub you could supply everything or ask everyone to bring some ingredients say their favourite essential oil for the scrub
  • To make your own Body Exfoliating Scrub buy a good quality Salt like Himalaya salt or Sea salt or you can also use a good quality Sugar like Raw or Brown sugar. Mix with a quality oil like Almond oil & combine to the right consistency to apply to your body. Add a tantalising essential oils like a Lime, Vanilla, Lemon grass, Jasmine or any one of your favourites. Go to our Pinterest page for DIY beauty 
  • Have a look at our Pamper Party treatments page to give you ideas on what beauty treatments to try at your Pamper Party
  • You could start off with Facial, then Arm or Leg Scrub & finish with a Manicure or Pedicure
  • Make sure you have enough bowls to soak hands or feet & enough towels for everyone
  •  If you decide to have a professional Spa Pamper party they are a great idea as a most Mobile Therapists can come anywhere

What to know when hiring a Pamper party service

Firstly either give them a call or email them about their service & check out their website. Make sure their services is what you require .

    • Check they supply everything like a Massage table, towels, candles, music & all their Spa Pamper Partiesproducts
    • Make sure they can come to your area & ask if there is any travel allowance
    • If you’re having Massage & Facials & you want it separate from the party check with the hotel about how much space is in the lounges or bedrooms 
    • Check with the Mobile massage therapists about setting up in a smaller areas if that’s the case 
    • Go to their website & look at what they offer like Pamper Packages 
    • As with all our booking our Beauty or Massage therapists are fully qualified with diplomas


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