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What you need for your home Spa day

To create an authentic mood for your special Spa day start by lighting some sensual scented candles, now put some calming, soothing relaxation music on, lastly wrap yourself up in your soft fluffy bathrobe & your now ready.

  • Room – have ready your scented Candles & Spa musicMobile Spa Facial at home
  • You – fluffy bathrobe & soft luxurious towels
  • Face – Cleanser, Scrub, Mask, Toner, Face Serum, Eye & Facial moisturiser
  • Body – Scrub & Body oil or lotion
  • Hair – Shampoo, Hair Mask & Conditioner 
  • Nail – Nail file, Cuticle pusher, Polish remover & Base coat , Nail Colour & Top coat

Lets start your Beauty Ritual 

To Remember switch off your phone, lock your door & escape to your private retreat 

  • Start with a lukewarm shower & a top to toe body scrub concentrating on hands, elbows, knees & soles of your feet 
  • Also give your face a gentle cleanse & exfoliate 
  • Now shampoo your hair & rinse your whole body throughly
  • Next draw yourself a bath & pour some essential oils. Save time & mix them with Almond oil or similar oil, easy way to hydrate your skin. Pay particular attention to your hands & feet 
  • While your waiting have a relaxing Chamomile tea or a glass of ChampersMobile Beauty Relax & Rebalance
  • Perfect time to files your finger & toes nailsMobie_Spa_day_. Whilst your soaking in your bath apply your hair Mask treatment & Face Mask 
  • Now push your cuticles back, finger & toenails while they are nice & soft
  • Time to sit back relax & totally enjoy the ambience
  • Now hop out of the bath, have a quick shower rinse your hair & face throughly. Even better a cold shower will invigorate your skin & leave your hair shiny 
  • Time for hydration, for a great skin booster apply a face serum & your eye cream. If you didn’t pour any oil in your bath now apply body & face moisturiser
  • If you have any leave-in hair moisturiser add some to your hair now 
  • This is a good time to prepare a quick but healthy meal
  • Lastly your nails which, you have already filed, pushed your cuticles back, exfoliated & hydrated. All that’s left is wipe off any oils with nail polish remover & apply your base coat. 2 coats of polish & top coat.
  • At last sit back & chill have your delicious meal & watch a great movie

Want someone else to do your Beauty Ritual

Try out our Beauty Pamper Packages 2.0 hrs (Includes a Back Massage, Back Scrub, Facial Treatment & Pedicure)

  • Starting with a relaxing Back Massage with Lime & Almond oilsMobile Beauty Pamper Packages Relaxl & Rebalance then exfoliating your back with a Citrus Lime Salt Scrub, steamed hot towels & finish with a Lime Body Butter cream
  • Then a luxurious Facial Treatment with Pomangerate cleanser, Strawberry Facial scrub, Purifying Pineapple Peel, Scalp massage, steamed hot towels, Eye Serum & moisturiser.
  • Finishing  with a pampering Pedicure, Nail  shaping, Cuticle treatment, Citrus Foot soak,  Revitalising Lime & Lemon Foot Massage & Coloured Polish


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