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Causes of Brittle & Splitting nails

Sadly for women they seem to suffer more than men when it comes to having brittle, soft & thin nails.  What most women want these days are lovely long & strong nails.  It sometimes can be a vitamin deficiency usually Iron. But if your toenails aren’t brittle & soft then it is more likely to be an external factor. Here are some great tips on how to improve or maintain beautiful nails.

  • try not constantly wet or dry your nails too much
  • be careful with harsh chemicals 
  • try to wear gloves when doing household cleaning
  • do use an Acetone free nail polish remover as it is more gentle on the nails
  • try to & gently file your nails in one direction with a fine nail file or glass file
  • always keep your nails all the same length
  • only buff your nails in the same direction as that can split your nails 

How to help Brittle & peeling nails

Regular Manicure & Pedicures will help maintain your nails which can be either dry & brittle (too little moisture) or soft & brittle (too much moisture)

  • use a good quality nail hardener we use Gelish Vitagel with vitamins A, E & B
  • our Vitagel Nail Strengthener is ideal for maintenance of your nails to protect & strengthen your nails
  • or Vitagel Recovery which helps repair & grow weak or damaged nails
  • Mobile manicures if you can’t wear gloves then use a protective cream through out the day one with Lanolin or Alpha-hydroxy acids to protect your hands & nails
  • give yourself a Manicure at least once a month.
  • or why not treat yourself to our 30 minute Mobile Manicure includes, Milky Almond hand soak, nail shaping, Cinnamon Almond oil Massage & polish
  • or our deluxe 60 min Manicure which includes, Milky Almond hand soak, nail shaping, Almond oil Massage with a choice of a Almond Cinnamon scrub to soften your hands or a nourishing Warm Rose Paraffin wax treatment or our Hydrating Mango & Coconut hand mask 
  • if your nails need more of a repair treatment try our Gel Repair Nail Treatment. Which includes questions about your nails, everyday routine, health & your job. First we gently shape your nails, push back your cuticles, lightly buff your nails, then we apply our Vitagel Strengthener or Vitagel Repair base coat, gorgeous coloured Gel Polish , high shine top coat with an Almond cuticle treatment & Almond Massage 


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