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Indian Head Massage

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You’ll love our Indian Head Massage 

plus includes our Macadamia Nut oil Hair Treatment


What are the great benefits of Indian Massage 


Indian head Massage for headaches

Indian Head Massage is ideal if your feeling emotionally run down & overly stressed out

Suffering from headaches, insomnia, stress, depression, migraines or sinus problems

Great for a very tight & tense scalp, neck, shoulders & upper back

It helps clears your mind giving you a calming sense of peace


Why is our Indian Head Massage treatment so popular


Indian Head Massage

We start with a calming & relaxing blend of Tangerine & Almond oils

Massaging your upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp & face

A nourishing Macadamia nut oil is massaged in to your hair

Then wrap your hair with a warm steamed towel leaving it soft & silky

Afterwards you will feel totally refreshed & relaxed

Also try our Shiatsu Acupressure Detox Massage




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