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Why choose our Kids Pamper parties 
SoYummy Chocolate & Fudge Facial or Massage
Kids Pamper Party Package 
  1. First we cleanse with our Pomegranate Cleanser
  2. tone with our Lilly Pill toner
  3. apply our Chocolate & Vanilla Fudge Mask
  4. whilst the mask is drying
  5. we massage their hands with Chocolate & Vanilla cream
  6. steamed towel removal for the mask
  7. moisturiser with our Pomegranate moisturiser
  8. Lastly a dusting of white sparkle shimmer on their arms

Kids  Pamper Parties
Kids Pamper Party

SoVelvety Vanilla & Coconut Foot treatment
Kids Pamper Party Package 
  1. First we soak their feet in our heated, bubbly foot spa with massager
  2. exfoliate with our Vanilla & Coconut scrub
  3. moisturise their legs & feet with a Vanilla & Coconut cream
  4. Lastly a dusting of blue sparkle Shimmer on their legs
SoBerry Strawberry Manicures & Pedicures
Kids Pamper Party Package 
  1. First we file their nails
  2. apply a base coat, 2 coats of coloured polish & top coat
  3. massage Strawberry cream for their hands or feet
  4. Lastly a dusting of Pink glitter shimmer on their arms or feet

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