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Our Mobile Manicure Repair Treatment

Hints on keeping your nails strong

  • File gently one direction onlyGel Polish Manicure Relax & Rebalance
  • Push cuticles back regularly with a Orange stick
  • Quicker way in the shower push your cuticles back
  • Keep nails nice & dry & avoid picking anything with nails
  • Twice a day moisturise your cuticles & hands
  • Use a good quality nail hardener,
  • Eat food enriched with Calcium, Vitamin B, Iron & Zinc

Benefits of Vitagel Strengthener & Recovery for Manicures

  • Strengthens your natural nails
  • Puts a protective layer over your nailsMobile Manicures Brisbane
  • Prevents splits, chips, peeling & encourages healthy nail growth
  • Vitatagel Strengthener for maintaining healthy nails
  • It protects & strengthens & eliminates peeling
  • Vitagel Recovery for repairing  your nails
  • It recovers weak brittle or damaged nails
  •  Vitagel Products contain Vitamins A, D & E
  • It doesn’t contain Toluene, Formaldehyde & DPP

Our Vitagel Manicure Repair Treatment

  • We file, push back cuticles & buff gentlyMobile Manicure Shailer Park
  • We ask you questions about your Nails, Health, Job & everyday Routine
  • Then we decide on either Vitagel Strengthener or Vitagel Recovery
  • If nails are very weak we add Structure Gel
  • Use alone as Glossy Clear finish or with Coloured Polish
  • Finish with Almond cuticle oil & hand massage

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