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Our Mobile Massage Services

Where we offer you a our Strawberry Deep Tissue Massage or our Tangerine Indian Head Massage, servicing from Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Our Massages 

  • Swedish or Relaxation Massage/Deep Tissue Massage/ Remedial Massage
  • Tangerine Indian Head Massage with hair treatment
  • Passionfruit Shiatsu Acupressure Detox Massage with foot scrub
  • Trigger Point Therapy/Chinese Cupping Massage
  • Men’s Massage/Pregnancy Massage
  • Strawberry Massage with free a bottle of Pink Champagne
  • Chocolate Massage with free a box of Seashells Chocolate
  • 1 Hour Massage Pamper Packages/2 Hour Massage Pamper Packages

Why book with us 

  • We bring it all to you Massage table, Aromatherapy oils & Spa music
  • Choose from our large selection of therapeutic & indulgent Massages
  • You’ll love our calming Indian Head Massage or renergising Shiatsu Detox Massage 
  • All our Massage & Beauty therapists are fully qualified

Our other services 

Pamper Parties, Manicures & PedicuresKid’s Pamper PartiesGel Polish, Beauty, Check out our latest Massage Blogs –  Massage Pamper Packages 2 hrs of total blissss or Indian Head Massage why its the best Massage you’ll have & more.  We cater for Birthday’s, Hen’s Night, Children’s Pamper Parties, Bridal Showers, Work Functions, Baby Showers, Massage Pamper Packages & Day Spa Massages


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Susann is a wonderful Massage Therapist as I regularly have a massage with her. She is very personable & works well with me to get the best results,  I highly recommended her. Mel,  Mobile Massage BrisbaneHolland Park 

I would like to say that I was so impressed with the service from Relax & Rebalance.  I have regular massages through Relax & Rebalance and Susann always makes us very relaxed afterwards. I would suggest to anyone wanting a Massage package…. to indulge  Jacque Drewvale  More  Testimonials…

Mobile Massage Therapies

About Swedish MassageMobile Massage Shailer Park

Swedish or Relaxation Massage is a very calming type of massage. Its enhances general relaxation, it improves your mental health & increases your blood circulation. For anyone who is overly worked, stressed out, Swedish massage is the perfect way to relax your body & your mind

Swedish Massage 1hr $85

Starting with calming blend of Chamomile & almond to relieve muscle tightness & relax the whole body. With steamed hot towels & finishing with a Scalp or Foot massage

About Chinese Cupping MassageMobile Massage Chinese cupping Brisbane
Chinese Cupping is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine by using Plastic, Glass, Rubber or Bamboo cups in order to create a Vacumn on the skin. Thus breaking down the toxic buildup of Blood & Lymp, thereby improving the blood flow. It helps to relieve tense stiff muscles & inflammation of the joints. By loosening up your muscles, encouraging the blood flow & calming the nervous system. Chinese cupping works well when combined with Remedial Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

About Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger point therapy is beneficial if you have some areas of chronic pain. A Trigger Point is a tight & stiff point within a strained muscle. Which can cause sharp pain, tingling, numbness or a dull ache to another part of your body. We call that referral pain, it could be down your back area, or down your arms or even down your legs. When locating a Trigger point we then apply pressure for a  few minutes this can help breakdown the toxin build up & release the constricted tight muscle. Trigger Point therapy works well when combined with Remedial Massage

About Remedial MassageRemedial Massage
Remedial Massage is ideal to target chronic areas of tight muscles & aching joints. Where we can combine Remedial massage with Chinese Cupping Massage & Trigger Point Therapywhich helps relieve constricted strained muscles, inflamed joint area & releases toxins. Helping re-educates muscles to become more pain free & increases flexibility

Remedial Massage 1hr $85 

Starting with a restoring blend of Cinnamon & almond  to relieves muscular knots & inflammation in the joints. Also we can combine Remedial Massage with Chinese Cupping Massage & Trigger Point therapy  helps target chronic area. Finishing with hot towels & stretching

About Deep Tissue Massagemobile-deep-tissue-massage-therapist-shailer- park
Lime Deep Tissue Massage is beneficial for all over stressed muscles. It helps relax muscle stiffness & muscle related diseases. By loosening muscle tissues which increases your blood & oxygen circulation & also increases your energy levels

Deep Tissue Massage 1 hr $85

Starting with a full body Massage with a revitalizing blend of Lime & Almond oils to relieve muscle spasms & stiffness. Steamed hot towels & finishing with a relaxing Scalp massage or Foot massage 

Men’s Massage 1 hr $85

(Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage available)mobile massage shailer park
Starting with a renergizing blend of Sandalwood & Almond relieves muscular tension, tiredness, steamed hot towels & finishing with a scalp massage or foot massage. For more Men’s Massage Packages

Pregnancy Massage 1 hr $85 

(Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage available)
Starting with a relaxing blend of Vanilla & Almond to relieves sleeplessness, tension & stress, steamed warm towels & finishing with a relaxing Scalp Massage or Foot Massage
What you didn’t know about Pregnancy Massage


About Indian Head Massage
Indian head Massage for headaches
Practised in India for a 1000 years focuses on your head, neck, shoulders & upper back to help relax your mind. Benefits include help reduce Headaches, Migraines, Insomnia, Sleeplessness, Stress & Depression. Leaving you feeling calm & sense of peace

Indian Head Massage 1 hr $85

(includes a Macadamia Hair Treatment)
Feeling stressed & emotionally run down try a Tangerine Indian Head Massage. Massaging your upper back, shoulder, neck, scalp, face & steamed hot towels . A Macadamia oil treatment is  massaged into your hair & wrapped in a hot steamed towel leaving your hair silky soft. Our Indian Head Massage Treatment is one of our most popular Massages.

About Shiatsu Acupressure MassageShaitsu Foot Massage
Developed in Japan, combining Massage & Acupressure to help detox your body. Benefits includes helping to reduce stress, headaches, backache, digestive problems, menstrual problems & joint pain. Afterwards you will feel much more relaxed & rebalanced

 Shaitsu Massage 1hr $85 

(includes a Lime Foot scrub)
Feeling unwell & physically run down try our  Acupressure Massage for the whole body, acupressure Foot Massage, Lime Foot Scrub, steamed hot towels & Citrus Lime butter cream leaving  your feet soft & supple. Combining Meditation with Massage is beneficial in relaxing your mind & body

Strawberry Massage 75 mins $95

(includes a FREE bottle of sparking Pink Champagne) Pink champagne with strawberry massage
Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Massage available so if you feel like indulging try our Soberry Strawberry & Almond massage oil full of antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties, steamed warm towels, finishing with a Strawberry butter cream to nourish your skin. Then afterwards totally unwind & relax with a glass of pink bubbly. Surprise your wife or girlfriend with our most popular Massage book now

Chocolate Massage 75 mins $95

(includes a FREE box of Seashells Chocolate)
Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Massage available, so if you feel like indulging try a Soyummy Chocolate & Cocoa massage oil full of anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory properties, steamed warm towels, Chocolate butter cream to nourish your skin. Then afterwards unwind & enjoy your yummy Chocolates

Massage Pamper Packages 

Vanilla Coconut Massage Pamper Package 1 hr $85

(includes Back Massage & Back scrub)
Starting with a Vanilla infused oil Massage (Deep Tissue or Relaxation) to relieve muscular aches & stiffness & steamed hot towel removal . Then a Vanilla Coconut back scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells & steamed hot towels. Finishing with a velvety Vanilla Coconut butter cream leaving your back soft & smooth

Lime Lemon Massage Pamper Package 2 hrs $170

(includes Back Massage, Back scrub, Leg & Foot Shiatsu Acupressure Massage, Foot scrub, Indian Head Massage & Macadamia oil hair treatment)
Starting with a Back Massage (Deep Tissue or Relaxation) with a Lime infused oil to relieve muscular aches & stiffness,  a Citrus Lime Back scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells, steamed hot towels & Lime body butter leaving your back soft & smooth. Then a Leg & Foot Acupressure Massage, Citrus Lime Foot scrub, steamed hot towels & Lime body butter. Finish with a relaxing Indian Head Massage & Macadamia oil hair treatment leaving your hair silky soft. This is our ultimate luxurious Massage Pamper Package which will leave you blissfully & totally relaxed

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