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Our Mobile Beauty Therapy

Micro-Needling Treatment

What is Micro-Needling

  • Our Mobile Beauty Therapy Micro-Needling treatment will
  • help increase collagen & thicken your skin
  • soften fine lines & wrinkles 
  • also helps decrease acne scarring
  • the micro-needling punctures the horny layer of the skin
  • or in other words a slight prickling of the outer layer of your ski
  • the very fine needles are rolled in all different directions
  • it doesn’t hurt as their is no pain involve
  • it helps penetrate moisturisers or serum deeper into your skin
  • up to 10000 more times into the depth of your skin
  • which means your skincare product works much more effectivley
  • also you can even do this at home

How does

Micro-Needling work

  • it’s almost like a Collagen increasing therapy treatment
  • but without the machinery 
  • takes much shorter time
  • more affordable too
  • by almost creating micro-punctures to your skin
  • it tricks your skin into thinking its a wound
  • it sends fibroblasts to create more collagen to your wound
  • thus it results in  a thickening of your skin
  • try to give yourself a regular Facial treatment
  • also improves the texture of your skin
  • furthermore your skin looks softer & smoother
  • try to have a regular facial treatment
  • we have Mobile Beauty treatments available
  • or try our 30 mins treatments in our Pamper Parties 

Who should try our


Mobile Beauty Therapy 

  • it’s wonderful to smooth out lines
  • plump up sagging skin
  • if you have small bumps from clogged pores
  • filling up acne scars
  • you can do this at home
  • but have it done professionally first
  • then make sure you purchase a quality Micro-Needling roller
  • between 0.5 mm – 2.5mm
  • always cleanse throughly first
  • then moisturiser or apply a serum
  • do the rolling in all different directions
  • you can do this a few times a week
  • just a minute or two
  • do not do over any redness or infected areas
  • some redness does occur so do this preferably in the evening


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