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Strengthen your nails

With Simple Home Tips or

Our Mobile Nail Treatments

How to file yours nails

& keep them strong  

  • always file fingernails gently
  • file in one direction only
  • therefore never file backwards & forwards
  • as it weakens your nail 

For healthy nails regularly

push your cuticles back 

  • always push back cuticles gently do not trim
  • if you trim them often they can become quite tough & hard
  • sometimes infections can occur if you never ever push your cuticles
  • an Orange stick is an inexpensive cuticle pusher
  • also useful for cleaning excess polish around cuticles
  • quite good too are stainless steel cuticle pushers
  • here’s a quick way to push cuticles whilst in the shower 

Simple home tips to strengthen your nails 

  • always dry hands very well
  • otherwise moist cuticles leads to weak, peeling nails
  • always keep hands well moisturises
  • otherwise dry cuticles can lead to split & brittle nails
  • try to use a good quality hand cream at least once a day 
Mobile Nail Treatments
Mobile Nail Treatments

Benefits of VitaGel Strength – Manicure Nail treatments

  • VitaGel Strength strengthens your natural nails
  • therefore puts a protective layer over your nails
  • also prevents splitting, chipping & peeling
  • also encourages a healthy nail growth
  • it protects, strengthens & eliminates peeling
  • furthermore VitaGel is ideal for maintaining healthy nails

Benefits of

VitaGel Recovery –

Manicure Nail treatments

  • VitaGel Recovery most of all helps repair your nails
  • especially weak, brittle or damaged nails
  • also damage from Acrylics
  •  furthermore VitaGel fortifies & strengthens your natural nails
  • also counteracts stress & increases flexibility
  • all VitaGel Products contain Vitamins A, D & E
  • also doesn’t contain Toluene, Formaldehyde & DPP

How does our Mobile

Nail Treatments work

  • first of all we ask you several questions
  • mostly about your Nails, Health, Job & everyday Routine
  • then we decide on either VitaGel Strength or VitaGel Recovery
  • first up we file, push back cuticles & buff gently
  • next we apply our VitaGel base coat
  • also if your nails are very weak we add Structure Gel
  • next we apply Coloured Polish
  • Finish with Almond cuticle oil & hand massage
  • We also do Mobile Manicures & Mobile Gel Polish Manicures

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