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Mobile Gel Polish Manicures & Pedicures

Mobile Gel Polish Manicure

or Pedicure 40 mins $65 

  • filing, Cuticles treatments, Buffing,
  • base coat, 2 coats of Polish, top coat
  • almond oil cuticle treatment Massage
  • dries in 30 secs & lasts up to 3 wks
  • smudgeproof & fadeproof
  • great results for weak or bitten nails
  • free of chemical Formaldehyde , Toluene & DBP
  • no odour or damage to your nails
  • nails become stronger
  • we do standard Manicures & Pedicures
  • having a Pamper Party the girls will love a Gel Polish Mani or Pedi

Vitamin Strengthening or Recovery

Mobile Gel Polish Manicure treatment

60 mins $85

  • filing, Cuticles, Buffing
  • vitagel Strengthener Base treatment
  • (for Soft Peeling or Splitting nails) or
  • vitagel Recovery Base treatment
  • (for Brittle or Damaged nails
  • gel Structure, 2 coats of Colour, Top coat
  • almond oil Cuticle treatment Hand
  • or almond oil Cuticle treatment Foot Massage

Mobile Gel Polish Spa Manicure

or Pedicure 60 mins $85

  • filing, Cuticles, Buffing,
  • base coat, 2 coats of Polish, Top coat
  • milky almond hand soak or citrus lime foot soak
  • cinnamon hand scrub & Cinnamon Butter Hand Massage
  • or Citrus Lime foot scrub & Lime Butter Foot Massage

Mobile Gel Polish
Gel Polish Manicure
Mobile Gel Polish
Relax & Rebalance
Mobile Gel Polish Manicures Brisbane
Mobile Gel Polish Manicures Gold Coast
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