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Why EyEnvy

  • For thicker & longer Eyelashes & Eyebrows
  • For brittle eyelashes a new breakthrough formula
  • Over 96% users had results in 4-6 weeks
  • Helping with damage from Eyelash Extensions 
  • It has Vitamins B,C,E, Chamomile & Ginseng
  • Helps frequent rubbing or pulling of Eyelashes
  • As well as strengthening Peptides
  • It’s a complementary product for eyelash extensions

How does it work

  • Absorbs into the skin upon application 
  • Conditions hair follicles in Anagen growth phase
  • Moisture & circulation is stimulated
  • Wound healing properties as well
  • Medical conditions causing thinness & sparseness
  • Or stress & or lack of nutrition
  • Pre & Post-menopausal which decreases growth
  • After 4-6 wks you will start to see new hair growth
  • EyEnvy Spa Party product sold only through Spa’s
  • Book your Spa Party receive a discount off
  • For more information on EyeEnvy

How to use EyEnvy

  • Remove traces of Makeup with a gentle cleanser
  • Shake EyEnvy to ensure all ingredients are mixed
  • Now wipe excess on the neck of the bottle
  • Using once daily in the morning
  • Use on the base of the upper lid
  • Apply EyEnvy to brow areas where hair is sparse
  • You will see eyebrows appearing voluminous
  • Applying more won’t make eyelashes grow faster
EvEnvy Shailer Park
EyEnvy Shailer Park
EyEnvy Shailer Park

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EyEnvy Spa Party Product
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