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EyEnvy Spa Party Product 

Phone 014 568 1889 


Why EyEnvy

  • For thicker & longer Eyelashes & Eyebrows
  • For brittle eyelashes a new breakthrough formula
  • Over 96% users had results in 4-6 weeks
  • Helping with damage from Eyelash Extensions 
  • It has Vitamins B,C,E, Chamomile & Ginseng
  • Helps frequent rubbing or pulling of Eyelashes
  • As well as strengthening Peptides
  • It’s a complementary product for eyelash extensions

How does it work

  • Absorbs into the skin upon application 
  • Conditions hair follicles in Anagen growth phase
  • Moisture & circulation is stimulated
  • Wound healing properties as well
  • Medical conditions causing thinness & sparseness
  • Or stress & or lack of nutrition
  • Pre & Post-menopausal which decreases growth
  • After 4-6 wks you will start to see new hair growth
  • EyEnvy Spa Party product sold only through Spa’s
  • Book your Spa Party receive a discount off
  • For more information on EyeEnvy

How to use EyEnvy

  • Remove traces of Makeup with a gentle cleanser
  • Shake EyEnvy to ensure all ingredients are mixed
  • Now wipe excess on the neck of the bottle
  • Using once daily in the morning
  • Use on the base of the upper lid
  • Apply EyEnvy to brow areas where hair is sparse
  • You will see eyebrows appearing voluminous
  • Applying more won’t make eyelashes grow faster

Conditioner & Mascara

EyEnvy Conditioner Shailer ParkEyEnvy Shailer Park

EyEnvy Tips

Apply EyEnvy AM once daily

Always shake the bottle

Before applying remove excess

Apply in one single stroke

Once happy with length apply every 2nd day

Avoid harsh cleansers around eyes

Wait 15 mins after cleansing before applying

Before & After

EyEnvy Shailer ParkEvEnvy Shailer Park
Relax & Rebalance 
EyEnvy Spa Party Product Shailer Park
Spa Party Brisbane
0415 568 1889

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