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What are the benefits of Lime essential Oil

Lime oil is a beautiful uplifting citrusy smelling essential oil. Which can help you mentally & physically, by lifting your depression or if your just feeling blue. It’s also a great re-energizing oil which can help arthritis rheumatism, stiff muscles & joints. Plus Lime oil is beneficial for types of skin that are oil congested skin
Mobile Beauty Brisbane body scrub

  • Antiviral to protect against coughs, sinus & colds
  • Re-energising for painful muscles & joints
  • Restorative energises a tired mind
  • Tonic can lift depression

Try our luscious Lime Massages, Facial & Pedicure Pamper treatment

From our Lime oil Massage loosens & relaxes muscle stiffness, Raspberry Desert Lime Anti-Oxident Facial the perfect skin booster for any Facial beauty treatment to our Citrus Lime Pedicure 

    • Lime Deep Tissue Massage helps loosen & relaxes stiff muscles & jointswhich increase blood circulation & energy levels
    • Shiatsu Leg & Feet Detox Acupressure Massage helps rebalance the body if your feeling physically rundown includes our Citrus Lime Foot Scrub 
    • Desert Lime & Raspberry Anti-oxidant Beauty Facial deep cleanses, repairs your skin & softens fine lines 
    • Spa Pedicure with Lemon & Lime scrub, with a relaxing Lime Oil Massage & a Lime body butter leave your feet silky soft


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