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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage  what you should know

  • Being pregnant puts your body under many changes physically & physiologicallyPregnancy Massage Brisbane
  • This can cause stress or discomfort, Massage will put you & your baby in a more blissful state 
  • Usually when having your massage the most comfortable way is lying on your  side with some pillows supporting your head, stomach & legs
  • Pregnancy Massage can be gentle pressure like Swedish Massage or Relaxation Massage or a firmer pressure like Deep Tissue Massage
  • Is it safe to have a massage in the first trimester some experts say yes some say no
  • So please indicate if you are pregnant & how many weeks, as we do Pregnancy Massage after your first trimester  
  • Please check with your doctor & let our massage therapist know as well, if you are in the category of a high risk pregnancy


What are the benefits of  a Pregnancy Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage Shailer ParkEases muscular discomforts in areas like the lower back, neck & calf cramps
  • Reduces swelling in hands, feet and ankles
  • Lessens Sciatic pain
  • Helps with relaxation which in turn can decrease insomnia
  • A great massage is our Indian Head Massage for relaxation, sinus, stress & insommia
  • Tones lose muscles, relaxes tense muscles & can help increase flexibility
  • Increases blood & lymph flow which helps increase the elimination of toxins & this can also help with fatigue
  • Increases blood circulation, which in turn delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the mother and baby

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